Hill Climb 2017

With half the Wheelers away in foreign parts and the chairman’s texts to the defending men’s champion getting lost in the ether the turnout was still surprisingly good – seven riders.  This included Caroline, defending women’s champion and new kid on the block Teresa.

No traffic chaos at the waterside start of Weir Hill this year, just a boat being turned round on its trailer through the riders waiting for their start.  Times were faster this year according to Trevor’s Swiss made stopwatch, with both the course records for the men and the women being broken, this despite the absence of some of the Wheeler’ top climbers. 

Our thanks to Hilary for providing some excellent burgers and hot drinks afterwards as the results were announced at her kitchen table;

Women   1.  Teresa    –  3:56  CR

                2.  Caroline –  4:17

Men        1.  Chris        –  2:25  CR

               2.  Trevor     –  2:40

               3.  Ian           –  2:54

               4.  Simon     –  3:00

               5.  Jim          –  3:38

Thanks also to Parky for timekeeping again (and for showing us the restored donkey whim).  Despite the invitation no electric bikes showed.  


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