C’est si bon, OGIL say this in France

What is blue at one end, yellow at the other and red in the middle? Todays OGIL “peloton”. That is Simon and Mike 2 at the front, me in the middle and Mike and John following up the rear. Today was National Cycle to work day but there was little evidence of this, just the usual lady cyclist we meet along the road towards Treverva, so where were the half a million bikes that have been bought under the bike to work scheme? Not many to be seen on our ride today, and that’s for sure.

Simon said he had given some serious thought to today’s route but I think he just picked up the subliminal messages I had been giving out “Helston boating lake”. Not very awe inspiring, I know, but wait and see.

Whilst waiting at the other place, Emma came along but we were unable to persuade her to join us. Another new bike, Emma? Well, that’s just 499,999 to account for.

I felt quite confident pulling out on to the main road at Longdowns for the little climb up to Crane garage. You see I have bought a natty little bar end mirror from Evans Cycles. It’s a sturdy little thing, said to have been designed by BMW, doesn’t flap about like some and being flat doesn’t make the traffic appear further away than it is. I can recommend it.

Simon’s plan was for us to go via Porkellis, follow the Mince Pie ride in reverse across to Truthall halt, the railway is looking very smart, and instead of then turning to Helston, take a loop round to Breage before dropping back to the lake. This, of course, took us through Sithney, past Auntie Gills. There was a sign in the window saying “Open” but thinking that this was most likely left since the weekend, or earlier, Simon suggested that as it was early doing the loop but calling in again and if definitely closed drop down to Helston. If the loop wasn’t exactly new roads it was certainly roads done in the opposite direction than usual, which means “up” and with the more than pleasant surprise, on returning to Sithney, of seeing that there were cars in the car park and the café door was definitely wide open. And just in time as the rain had started.

We couldn’t have received a better welcome. No eggs on toast today but “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, the portions as generous as the welcome. I had thought that Trevor and Gill (was this her second or third return from retirement?) were only opening on Sundays but it seems that she has been open every day but Mondays, and will continue for another two weeks.

Unusually, the rain had gone over by the time we left and we made our way back to Falmouth in the sun. Simon found us some more hills along the way to make up for those of us not attending tonight’s hill climb. 37 miles for me. Dean

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