Hey, it’s good to be back home again.*

I paid a visit to the tip yesterday and didn’t see any bikes I recognised in the skips, so thought there would be more of the FWEF, the Falmouth Wheelers Expeditionary Farce, on this morning’s ride. Just the new slimmed down Fred, who we met on the other side of the road just after Lamanva. Mike 2 and Andrew hailed the Union Corner contingent, Mike, Ian, John, and myself, at Argal crossroads, and, whilst I pretended not to see them, the other two stopped, so I had to join them. Andrew was on a sit down strike about having to cycle all the way to Halvasso turn and as we refused to join in, he went home again. Ian had gone on to tell those at the other place, hence why Fred, followed closely by Paul, Phil3 and Simon, was coming the other way. They had already decided on a destination for the morning’s ride, Tehidy, which seemed just about right as Mystic Meg suggested it would start raining at 1pm. She was only 3 hours out, as the first drops were felt as we left Troon, bound for Barripper. Several stopped to don waterproofs but having the advantage of my Altura Night Vision weatherproof jacket, available from Evans Cycles, I could push on.

Emma had turned up again at Union Corner but still not being confidant that she could keep up with us youngsters, went off on her own. We were fated to remain an odd number of cyclists, or should that be a number of odd cyclists. Whichever way we seemed to be the centre of attention when we walked into Tehidy café. The weather meant sitting inside but two table were available, and pushed together accommodated all nine of us. Fred’s new phone was the main talking point.

It was still raining when we came away, taking the usual route back past Moll’s, along the cycle track to St Euny, Carnkie, Piece, 4 Lanes and Stithians, then separating as we do on the way back to Falmouth. With impeccable timing I arrived home just as the rain stopped. 40 miles for me. Dean

*John Denver.

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