A wet ride to Krowji…..where?

With a pretty miserable forecast, but keen to get back to fitness after a holiday in France, I decided to give the regular OGIL ride a go. Mike was waiting at ‘the other place’ and soon Chairman Simon arrived. It was damp but not raining as we waited five minutes past the departure time but still no one else came.
Destination Miss Molly’s was agreed and off we rode, up the hill to Crane garage. We discussed red mist moments and the need to vary our route. Soon after passing the K9 Kennels we went right towards Stithians and an impatient driver cut closely between Simon and the approaching car. He set off in close pursuit but wisely cooled his fury and we continued in the increasingly unpleasant rain.A detour to Stithians Cafe was suggested but the friendly water sports staff there told us the cafe was closed today and offered to make us a drink! We needed food so, after Simon put forward Krowji, off we pedalled, reversing many of our usual roads, until we arrived at the very qwerky Melting Pot Cafe at Krowji, the old Redruth Grammer School.
(n.b: krowji is Cornish for cottage or cabin) It’s an amazing place (just look at the photo) which holds all sorts of community events but it’s only open Monday to Friday from 9-4.
Discussion about new bikes, winter trips and our cafe experience followed.
We wondered what exactly might the stage performance might be!!
Out into the pouring rain again for our ride home, reversing our route out. Home for a very welcome hot shower.

Phil 3
34 soggy miles for me….you just never regret going!

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