Not a club time trial 5th November 2017

Due to legal issues the club’s committee were not able to sanction thisyears time trial but after being asked by some members if I would time them on the Zoar Mawgan-Zoar 10 mile course purely to satisfy their own curiosity about their own fitness I suggested that I would lead a ride and run an ad hoc TT on route.Although there was a large gathering at HQ only five members fancied joining me to ride to St Keverne via Mawnan Smith, Porth Navas, Constantine & Gweek and then directly to Zoar Garage where we found three others waiting including non club member Andy.

With Shane unable to marshal this year it was left to the eight keen contestants leaving at one minute intervals to take care of themselves at the turning point but fortunately they all returned safely.

With news of Amanda’s return this year Emma our reigning ladies champion panicked and booked a last minute trip to Malta leaving Amanda to take the crown in a personal best time for an unprecedented fifth time. In the men’s class although Robin improved his time from last year and remains the clubs champion the fastest time of the day was taken by Andy.

Following the visit to Roskillys cafe for brunch it was onto St Keverne for a twisting, climbing and apologies for a rather muddy/sh*ty route back along local lanes to Gweek where some of us stopped for refreshments.

Trevor 2



Andy Blake

Robin Snelson 27:36
Ian Murrels 30:35
Amanda Hudson 32:37
Raymond Tucker 33:04
Simon Jones 33:46
Phil Conroy 35:34
Jim Middleditch 36:59

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