Phil me up*

If there is an optimum number for a successful OGIL ride then this week we were just about three quarters Phil’d. I was just in time to catch Phils1 & 2 as they set off from Union Corner and Phil3 was waiting with the others at Halvasso turn. It can’t have been the weather that put off “our girls” as, although a little chilly, it promised a bright day. We did have occasion to doubt that forecast, as we climbed up through Halvasso and noted that it was indeed black over Bill’s mother’s.

As a change from our weekly rides either West or North West, the destination was to be the Penrose Garden, a little pricier than most of the cafes we frequent but we get a warm welcome and the food is excellent. Simon nominated himself as ride leader and set off, at what was significantly more than the sedate pace one might otherwise associate with this veteran bunch. His directions took us out to Stithians and left past Burley Aquatics before re-joining our more usual route to Burncoose, Twelveheads, Chacewater and the airport. The lanes were wet and looked slippery but all went without incident.

Unusually, the café was empty when we arrived. Previously there have been other patrons and at least one couple huddled together on the corner seating, on an assignation from County Hall, someone suggested.

Our host was quite happy to put the menu to one side and accommodate our individual peccadillos. Toast and marmalade seemed popular, though Mike2 ordered the full breakfast. But his eyes are much larger than his stomach and he redistributed many the items from his plate, mostly, I seem remember, to Phil3’s. It, probably, also led to Mike being the first for declaring it to be a “2 coffee” stop. 1 hour 15 minutes later, we were finally on the move again, along the delightful narrow lanes that bring you out at the less delightful Threemilestone park and ride. After Tomperrow and the climb up to the Carnon Downs road, we went straight across and down to Twelveheads again. Mr Garmin was happy. Simon asked just how Mr Garmin responded to a new road. He chuckles; don’t all Garmin do this? At Twelveheads we retraced our route out as far as Cusgarne before turning off to Frogpool. Phils 1&2, and myself diverted towards Perranwell, and Hangman’s hill etc, whilst Simon led Phil3, Mike 2, Keith and Fred on to Stithians. 38 miles for me. Dean


*Steve Winwood

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