Ride on time*

“Gonna get up, gonna get up”. The road to Hell, according to my mum, is paved with good intention. So although I put my alarm forward by 10 minutes, and got up, very nearly, as soon as it sounded, I still only just got to Union Corner in time for the 8.50am start. Phil1 and Single Speed Ian wanted to start the ride “on time”. There was just the two of them, no Bernie, Admiral, Kath or Mike1; was it me not posting my usual reminder on facebook or the forecast high winds and heavy rain. Fortunately the usual crowd were at the other place; Fred, Simon, Phil3, Mike2, Keith and Max (headwind), and since we had agreed the destination last week, we could be away spot on only 1 minute late. Max did his best , and was quite successful, in keeping speeds down, but we did manage to find a little shelter as we made out way out to Porkellis, Releath, Nancegolan, and Carleen, before dropping back to Sithney, but riding was lively.

The first rule of OGILing was broken, as we arrived at Auntie Gills well before 11 o’clock, and there was some concern that they were not yet open. But the “Open” sign was up and Trevor soon appeared, who, having shown us the latest renovations to the railway layout, welcomed us in.

The most difficult decision of the morning was which of the cake selection to choose, although there was no wrong answer. Conversation was muffled as we concentrated on the task before us.

The rain was forecast to be coming in before lunch and with the wind still blowing strongly, strong enough to blow Mike2’s shower cap off, there was no inclination to do anything other than head straight back. Ian was generally in front so I guess it was he who chose the route; towards Lowertown before turning off, up and over the railway, Trannack, Farms Common and Wendron School. Then it was Jim’s hidden lanes, the short stretch along the Helston Road, with the wind finally behind us, and down to Wendron Cricket Club, after which Simon turned off. The short drop down from Crane garage to Longdowns was “interesting”, bikes dancing across the road in a very sudden and fierce side wind. After leaving Fred at Halvasso turn, and Mike2 and Phil3 at Argal, Phil1 and myself carried on towards Union Corner. In spite of the wind we were home early, and well before the rain. Only 33 miles for me but 33 miles more than if I had listened to Mystic Meg and stayed at home.


Gill is open every Wednesday morning until Christmas so if you have a chance, do drop in. You might find that last Christmas present you were looking for amongst Trevor’s selection of photo gifts.

*Black Box.

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