Sunday 25th -Roskilly’s

There were more Wheelers at HQ than were expected I think.  This being due to the clocks springing forward but the weather was perfect and Wheelers never miss out on a good day for getting out on the bike.

The destination for the shorter ride group was Roskilly’s after ruling out Perranporth to go and see the Guinness Book of Records Sausage Dog Challenge. They beat the record of 500 sausage dogs and got a new record of 601 dogs.

We went the usual route of Gweek, Gweek Drive and then straight up the road toward St.Keverne. I think we were all being powered by the sun (Dean definitely was) because we arrived at Roskilly’s before they were open.  This was good as it gave us that little bit longer to sit in the sunshine.

Our coffee, tea, cakes, breakfast’s and Eggs on Toast all arrived promptly and we were reluctant to go as it was just so pleasant sitting in the sun.  We split into two groups for the ride home and I chose to go the slightly hillier route.

Somehow though with the better weather in what seems like months the hills were just bearable.  It was back to Gweek and then the long slog out of Gweek.  We came across Richard at Brill who had gone with the other group and we rode with him until we said our goodbye’s at Treverva.

It was a great day for riding and hopefully the sign of better, warmer weather on the way.

35+ miles for me.


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