Day 5

We’ve got a big day coming up on Thursday (Day 6) as Ryan will be joining us again to climb the iconic Sa Colabra. So we had to keep the options open on today’s ride and we headed to the lower plains in the middle of the island. Progress was good so we made for Bunyola and the extra loop of climbing that it involved for coffee and crossaints in the breeze (Amanda opted for the sunny monastery doorway)

From Bunloya there is a mountain climb to the popular town of Soller. So popular that the road is clogged with traffic so good news for us that the new tunnel is for vehicles only and the old road totally devoid of any traffic – just thousands of cyclists. The climb worth it for the fantastic views from the top.

Johns legs had been in deep conversation with John and had declared they would go no further – it was time to return, take us home John. A brilliant ride down hill to the hacienda took only 2 hrs, giving him plenty of time to make dinner. (Swim, wine, panacotta, beer, crisps…..)

The three of us free wheeled down to Soller and then on to Port de Soller for lunch.

A beautiful seaside restaurant and pasta all round. 

We can return the way that we came or be brave and take the coast road – we chose Bravery!

The scenery was absolutely stunning. The riding, not too challenging, more like a roller coaster leading us to Deia, a beautiful village nestled within the mountains and we had extra time to savour it as Robin repaired our one and only puncture.

The heat is getting to us and we’re wondering wether this extra distance was a bad idea. It’s 16kms to the next town, Valldemossa and it’s with light hearts we discover that most of these are downhill and there are no more uphills for the remaining ride and the wind assisted rapid ride home.

A brilaint day and dinner ready on our return.

Totals-  7133ft of climbs and 99miles

Can’t believe that at 7000ft there were still trees (sic).

PS. On the way we passed a family of goats, no kidding.





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