Day 6

The Grand Tour.

A fabulous day out, meeting with Ryan again, on our last full day of riding. The usual climb up to Lluc (the third time for the week…our Halvasso) was getting easier, A10k warm up!

At the top, Ryan led on towards Soller and the gateway to the Col de Reis ( Sa Colabra)

The Big One! 5.9 miles, 2191 ft of climb, average 7.1%. A proper challenge for the last day.

The descent was spectacular, with deep gorges, rocky valleys and cliffs kissing above the roadway, with a deep arch.

The expectation of the return was enormous! In the beach cafe, there was an air of expectation before the off.

The climb was helped by the cool wind, but it was still 30 degrees in full sun, and a real challenge.






The happy team celebrated the climb after reaching the top.


The ride home was fantastic, tearing down the 10k of the Lluc incline (Halvasso return), racing down amongst Peletons of Germans, on the smooth tarmac, with blue skies and no cars.

Perfect end to our last day!


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