The Bluebell Ride

Mystic Meg suggested that I used this image to accompany my report today, I don’t know why. If it was to suggest that the OGIL is leaderless, then it was clearly misplaced. The OGIL have several leaders, sometimes during the one ride, though, often, some of us take no notice.

Recent new member Adrian made a return to the fold this morning and he, Phil1, Ian and myself made our way over to the other place a little late after waiting for our Chairman.  We waited in vain. The rest of the OGIL were spilling out into the road just before the turn; Simon, Mike2, Keith, Sheila and Fred. A decision had already been made as to destination. Following on with the American Diner theme from last week, it was the Blue Bell Nursery Café, near Praze. I sent off a text to Jan and met up with her at Crane Garage. After the last few Wednesdays it was a pleasure to be out on a dry morning and though the road was wet and often muddy we set a swift pace; across to Porkellis, Releath to Crowan. Regrouping, there seemed no rush to push on but stopped to chat on the car park adjacent to the church. Eventually we moved on, down into Praze, then out to Carnhell Green and Barripper. We normally turn right here, (when was this chapel built?) but today continued on, almost to the outskirts of Camborne before turning back, to Killivose, and Barripper again, before rejoining the B3303 and the café.

We split between two tables. There was some mention of Brexit.

There was a little disagreement about the way home but I won, turning off at the school in Praze and the slightly less hilly route rather than up to Black Rock. 38 miles for me. Dean

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