It’s a small world after all

The doorbell rang as I sat down to write this report and to the tune of “it’s a small world” I opened the door to a young woman and older man. She explained that they were visiting folk in this area to ask what people thought was the purpose of life. Although it was raining hard I was kind enough not to engage them in a long conversation. That was, I am sorry to admit, the extent of my Christmas spirit.

Although there were delays along Traffic Light Lane I arrived at Union Corner in plenty of time; time to discuss with Adrian why my saddle had taken on a lean to the left. Attempts to correct this were put on hold at 8:50 and we set off to meet up with the rest of the group at the other place, where several suggestions were offered; some of them printable. This did at least give Phil1 time to catch up with us and at Fred’s suggestion we set off towards Bolenowe and Portreath, with the cafe at Bridge as our destination of choice. The ride was mainly dry but the roads were wet and slippery. I have just waterproofed my Night Vision jacket, using Nikwax and was keen to discover its success but results were inconclusive.

We did get a quick glimpse of the sea at Portreath but pressed on to Bridge. The only café I was aware of was the one in the Bridge Market but Fred pressed on for another couple of hundred metres, to Olde Penny’s Victorian Tea Rooms. Designed along the same lines as Miss Molly’s we were welcomed, though by Olde Penny I did not ask. The menu is short but scrambled eggs were included and this seemed to suit most. Simon’s request for an Americano received the response that they only served coffee, which arrived in two large jugs (reference to Miss Molly’s deleted by the editor). Food ordered we settled down to the other important aspect of OGILing, the table conversation. Delights of attending “reunions”, Mike2’s tax arrangements and the Wheelers Christmas meal supported the main topic, BREXIT but all fell quiet when the food appeared. On value, at least, Olde Penny’s deserves a place on the Wheeler’s Favourites List. An added attraction is that it is a quicker route home, although this advantage was negated by the Puncture Fairy visitation on Fred. Making good use of a handily placed smoking shelter everyone gather round to watch Mike2 help out and our delay amounted to no more than 10 minutes, almost the exact time of the passing shower. Paul had left a little early to get home for a school Panto, oh yes he did, so would have taken a direct hit. Once back on the road it is straightforward; through Redruth and up to Lanner Hill. Simon turned off shortly after, reminding everyone of the Wheelers Christmas Party on Thursday evening; Keith turned off at Trevales; Fred at Halvasso turn; and Mike 2 at Lamanva. 38 miles for me and a happy Christmas to you all. Dean

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