Nigel toys with a bit of sunbathing

Trump may have had problems dealing with Stormy Daniels but Storm Gareth was no match to the 9 OGIL who set out this morning for a short ride to Helston boating lake. Traffic Light Lane only adds 4 minutes to the ride to Union Corner but enough to mean that I only just arrived in time for the Grande Depart. Time and OGIL wait for no man. In this case it was just Adrian and Nigel who lead off to meet up with Simon, Keith, Mike2 and Paul. We had passed Phil3 on the way and he had attached himself to the back of the sleek peloton. Subliminal suggestions had been sent out, via WhatsApp, that Helston, via Gweek, Garras, Cury Crosslanes, Cury and Culdrose, might be a more sheltered route, and this was accepted without dissent. A quick message to Jan to confirm we would meet up at Gweek and we were off. It was not quite as sheltered as I had thought and it was advisable not to ride two abreast for long as bikes skipped out into the road as we passed gateways. However, the ride alongside the Culdrose boundary was not as challenging as feared and we were soon propping bikes against the back wall of the café. It was busy but rearrangement of tables enabled us to all sit together. Conversation centered on rides we had ridden, those we had wimped out of, and rides to come.

The sun made a guest appearance as we left and the wind retreated in respect, and even gave us a moderate shove at times. Folk bade their farewells at appropriate times as we made our way back. 36 miles for me. Dean

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