We were sixteen, going on seventy!

In spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. OGIL turn to thoughts of Poldhu. The mere suggestion was enough to bring out one of the largest number of OGIL in one place since the Edinburgh Wool Shop closing down sale. Seven at Union Corner, including last Sunday’s new rider, Martyn, plus Mat Charman out with a couple of his buddies and who accompanied us as far as the other place before going off to do their own thing. The drier weather meant a return to the gateway rather than dangerously crowding out the turn but the gateway was already over full with another nine OGIL, including Dean the Younger and TD who has had his progression certificate signed off from OGIL2. Raymondo was also there, riding what looked like something he had borrowed from the St Austell Gulls and had taken the engine out. No need to discuss the venue, Poldhu it was, and at spot on 9.10 we were off again. So eager was everyone that we were there well before 11, even with a detour to see the camels. They are out of hibernation and watched us with that seen it all gaze. The only other moment of interest was observing the driver who wanted to overtake up Gweek Drive but clearly thought that she had to overtake everyone in one go, and not make use of the several gaps we had politely left between bunches of riders. Trevor in particular thought this was amusing!

Ordering seemed to take forever but the food soon arrived, and what arrived seemed to be to everyone’s satisfaction.

We hadn’t been there that long when we were joined by an amalgamation of OGIL 2&3, another six Wheelers and a visitor. Together we made up around half of the membership that regularly cycle.

I should have flitted from table to table to note down snippets of the witty conversations that could have been taking place, but I really couldn’t be arsed.

Every good thing comes to an end, even the ride up to the Golf Club and regrouping we made our way back via Culdrose, Muddy and hidden lanes, etc. There was some reluctance on Phil3’s part, who wanted to go via Carnkie after an altercation with a badger on the main A394 on Sunday. Whilst Wheelers have easily recognised signals for “pedestrian” and “pot hole”, it seems there isn’t one for “dead badger in road”. I think Phil came off worst in the meeting. He certainly came off; the Badger was already flat against the road.

The lure of the barmaid’s apron was too much for some of the pack and numbers diminished as we neared home. At Halvasso turn there was just Fred, the five members of the Mawnan Mafia and only three true Falmouth Wheelers. Kath wanted to know if there was another route to get to Poldhu. As much as she enjoys the normal route, the Strava map always looks like a knob. 47miles for me. Dean

Full Cast.

Union Corner: Adrian, Kath, Ian, Trevor, Martyn, Nigel and yours truly.

Halvasso turn: Simon, Fred, Phil3, Mike2, Dean, TD, Raymondo, Andrew and Keith.

OGIL2&3: Liz, Barbara, Jane, Trevor, DonM, Mike and his friend, Chris.


If you study the photo carefully you will realise that the one missing is Phil3, the photographer.

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