The short long ride report, 24 March 2019.

With a goodly group away in France I was not expecting many to be at H.Q. but I was surprised, must have been the weather and what a glorious day it was. Six of us set out for Newquay and I think about seven set off for Porthleven. In our group of six we had two new, hopefully to become, members names of Martyn and Hutch who were not sure what they were letting themselves in for but they proved to have no problem whatsoever. We set off toward the Ladock Valley and it soon became clear that I was the one with the problem (so what’s new I hear you ask). They very kindly waited at the top of Truro by Waitrose where I suggested they carried on without me but as is the way with the Falmouth Wheelers  they would not hear of it so on we went. Summercourt came and went and I am sure various other villages I can’t recall but eventually we arrived at Wetherspoons Newquay. How they do it for the price I don’t know but fed and watered we made our way back home via Crantock, Cubert Perranporth etc. Raymondo who was on his fixed wheel; Why???? we will never know, and the hills after Cubert got the better of him and I for one am not surprised. Making our way back past Rhoddas Robin suggested going via St Day as he wanted to get to Penryn football club to watch his niece play, so at Carharrick I peeled off to the top of Lanner and then Stithians and home. So hoping Martin and Hutch will be joining us next week and also a new girl who joined the Portleven group, I think her name was Amy.

Thanks to Robin, Phil4, Raymondo, Martin and Hutch for their company.

66 miles for me


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