Now is the Winter of our discontent.

Some would say “Cast not a clout till May is out”. Well, she is still in and with a showery forecast and a cold wind Wednesday was not going to be a day for shorts, . I hesitate to say “a Northerly wind” as it was only a Northerly wind when we were travelling northerly. As usual it was a south easterly when travelling back, but whichever way it blew, it blew cold. The pre ride WhatApp discussion had concluded that a route keeping to “sheltered lanes” and a destination of Miss Molly’s would suit the weather conditions. Adrian, Nigel, Phil1 and myself set off from Union Corner to meet up with Fred, Simon, Andrew, Mike2 and Phil3 at Halvasso turn, collecting Jan at Crane garage. As this was going to be a short ride the way out was the usual route home; 4lanes, Carnkie, St Euny church and the cycle track across to the back end of Pool, then under the railway and up to Miss Molly’s. I’m not sure I noticed any sheltered lanes and I soon regretted the fingerless gloves. The windproof qualities of my Altura Nightvision jacket was also put to the test and found wanting.

The fire was lit ready when we arrived and we were soon ensconced around the long table by the window and overflowing on to a smaller table as close as one could get to the woodburner. Phil3 has just about got over his altercation with a dead Badger a week back but had a relapse when a small black cat suddenly jumped up from under the table to claim its place on his lap, from where it stood guard over the goings on at table height. Nigel soon upset the waitress by ordering out of turn and was quickly put in his place. But the damage was done and service did not match the “bootiful” service we have grown to expect. Adrian’s breakfast did not turn up and Phil3’s was sans tomatoes. Jan had a dinner date so didn’t stay long and Phil1 took advantage of a lull in the rain to make his way home. The rest of us were split between leaving and remaining and the only way to resolve the matter was order more coffee. Nigel and I were sharing a pot of tea from opposite ends of the table, but not to be left out, ordered a fresh pot. It did not turn up until everyone else was ready to leave; so another short delay was called for. There was discussion of a longer delay and the lunch menu was inspected but by now the rain had returned so it was time to go.

You expect to feel the cold a bit more after leaving a warm fire but Phil3 noted that it was now 0.10C and the first signs of snow amongst the rain confirmed the drop in temperature as we returned via Bolenowe and 4Lanes. There was little interest in stopping to chat at the various points where folk left the group and of course the sun was out and a blue sky welcomed me back in Falmouth. 32 miles for me. Dean

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