The lady is (is not) for turning

As you know, I do not usually write Sunday ride reports, but today’s gives me chance to add to the debate on ride leaders and whether we should keep a record of who rides, where and when. You can make your own conclusion. I was the first to arrive at HQ but soon joined by Neil and new rider, Colin. Many more arrived as the time clicked towards 9 and eventually a discussion started as to where we were going. I started the bidding with the default destination of Portreath. Sylvia chipped in with a definitive  “I’m going to St Agnes”. This seemed to attract some support, with Robin suggesting Perranporth, via St Agnes. Decision whether to do short or long ride could be left until we got to St Agnes. What couldn’t be chosen, however, was the pace, which was a tad quicker than some would have preferred. Now, was Sylvia the ride leader, or were we merely following her and her route; through Stithians, across to Perranwell then up through Twelveheads to Chacewater. By now Jo and Theresa had decided to do their own thing, Mike had perhaps joined them or was with John, who I briefly spoke to at the start but not seen since. And where was Richard? Those left regrouped. At Blackwater, Sylvia suggested continuing via Porthtowan but was soon talked out of it and we “sped” on to Mount Hawke and the big dipper. We were ahead of time so Sylvia suggested a detour around the Beacon, but ignored the Mingoose turn and carried straight on almost into St Agnes before turning towards the Beacon, but then turned right before we got there, the Beacon was going to have to wait for another day. The sun was shining as we dropped down into the village, and down again to Peterville. Sylvia had had the forethought to phone the Green Room and book a table – a table for 4 at 11 o’clock, “give or take 10”. I expect that the owner thought that this meant give or take 10 minutes, not that there could be up to 10 extra arriving. The easterly wind that had blown up helped in my decision that the Green Room would suffice; Perranporth could wait for another day. Robin, Ian, Amanda, Phil4 and Martyn continued on up the hill to Barkla Shop. Fortunately Sylvia’s table for 4 was just about big enough for all 9 of us who stayed; Andrew, Phil1, Danny, Neil, Sylvia, Dave, Phil3, Colin and myself. Full advantage was taken of the extensive Sunday Menu, with Blueberry pancakes, and omelette, being amongst the items delivered to the table. Much discussion took place about the delights of next weeks Audax, much of it directed towards Colin.

When it was time to go it was time to go. The sun had disappeared and there was a suggestion that we might not get back home in the dry. Phil1 took us up towards Goonbell then across, skirting Blackwater, to Scorrier, Treskerby, Lanner Hill etc. The earlier pace, or the “full English” seemed to take its toll and riders were well spaced out at times. At some point Sylvia announced that she had enough of us dawdlers and was going off to do a few more miles, but the rest of us managed to get back, at least, to Halvasso turn, without her further leadership skills. 47 miles for me. Dean

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