Wednesday OGIL Ride for 17 April, 2019.

The weather being fine, Andrew and I were joined at Halvasso turning by Adrian, John, Nigel, Danny (our official carer), Keith, Colin, Phil S. and Paul – not necessarily in that order – to make up a merry band of ten. Not only had Phil decided on a destination, he had actually planned a route to get us there. So off we set towards Perranuthnoe via Carnkie, Porkellis, Releath, Nacegollan, Godolphin Cross and Goldstithney. At Nacegollan we saw a sign that urged us to “stop the free range egg farce” – a cause truly worthy of our dedication. A meeting is to be held in the Village Hall from 10 to 4. It’s a long meeting, but then there’s so much to talk about!

At the Cabin, talk centred around the recent Notre Dame fire. It seems Trump had advised the French on how to put it out. Use water, he said helpfully, probably thinking that they were trying to beat out the flames with baguettes.

Our brunch over, we set off for home. Danny and Paul split off early – Danny to attend an event and Paul to see a man about a horse or a house. I wasn’t sure which. The route back took us through Wendron, Porkellis, Penrose Estate, Halvasso, Goldstithney, Helston, Ashton, Porthleven – not necessarily in that order.

With our ancient chronicler absent, Ride Führer Phil claimed that as leader he was entitled to appoint someone to write up the ride report, which caused a whole gaggle of OGILs to stare at the ground and shuffle their feet nervously. One of us – me – actually had the audacity to just ride off, for which reason I was nominated. Lesson learned. 49 miles for me. Mike Capone

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