Sunday Ride 21st april Easter sunday

What a beautiful day it was and a complete contrast from the week before, I made my way to H.Q. where at the bottom of Halvasso turning I met Paula, Liz, Tom and Jo heading the other way, funny I thought, but carried on. Then at Treverva I met Victor also heading the other way? have I passed through a time continuum! No I checked the time on my phone and carried on to H.Q. I was not alone all is well. Lakeside Café was decided upon hopefully to avoid the masses.

Thirteen of us set off, Kath left us at the Budock church turning, Silvia left us at Carnkie, Richard left us at Porthkellis, Danny left us at Crowan so nine made it to Praze and Beeble where we split, Phil1, Phil2 back out riding again NZ Dave, Theresa and Trebah Dave heading for the Bluebell nursery. This left four of us to continue through Leedstown to St Hilary where instead of taking the Long Lane we took the next turning a very pleasant road which eventually came out on to Long Lane and so onto St Erth through the Farm lane where Martin left us to continue homeward so three of us Ian, Dean and myself made it to the Lake side Café where we were met by the easter bunny!!

Image result for easter bunny

We enjoyed a leisurely snack in wonderful sunshine and managed to put the world to rights with the usual banter. On our return journey we met up with Trevor and Raymond who had been to a time trial at Treboe Cross. Later we split again and Dean and I continued homeward and Ian, Trevor and Raymond set off to seek further refreshment.

55 miles in sunshine

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