SolOGIL ride to Porthleven


Admittedly, I was slightly late arriving at Union Corner, but nobody was there so I carried on to the other place at speed, arriving more or less at the usual time.  Again, no one.  Oh well, looks like a solo ride today.  The sun is shining, the roads are dry and there is virtually no traffic, so a trip to Porthleven didn’t seem like a bad idea.

I followed the usual route through Carnkie, Porkellis and Nancegollan but then took the short route via Breage.  Amazingly, I got all the way to Breage without having to unclip, even to cross the main roads.  The blast along Beacon Road into Porthleven was marred slightly by a fresh easterly, but the blue skies and view made up for that.  Down into Porthleven, I paused on the fishermen’s quay opposite the Harbour View Cafe (which was closed, of course) for a bite to eat and a drink.  Porthleven itself was almost totally deserted, with the eery feel of a ghost town.  All made worse by some strange young men in suits posing on the harbour steps….

Again, the ride back was pretty predictable route-wise (mainly because there was no Ian to reveal hitherto unknown lanes), through Penrose to Helston.  A couple of Strava PRs going through Penrose was attributable to an almost total absence of people-, dog- and horse-shaped obstacles rather than any particular athletic effort.  From Helston to muddy lane etc etc.  A bit disappointed not to encounter any other Wheelers to wave at.  I did though pass someone riding in the opposite direction at Laverva waving franticly, but he was not in club colours and was wearing dark glasses so could have been anybody.

A nice ride, but not as much fun as riding with one’s buddies (and also a bit harder).  A fairly relaxed 63km for me.

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