March meeting 2020

Welcome to the March Falmouth Wheelers meeting.

Well, what a strange, bizarre and concerning situation we find ourselves in. When at the last meeting, the AGM, I said in the Chairpersons report that we are entering an exciting year for cycling this was certainly not what I had in mind.  None of us could have dreamt of this, well maybe one or two may have done but that’s another story and probably beer fuelled.

This is the bit where I talk about what went on.  We had the quiz night on the 12th March hosted by Richard and Keith.  I wasn’t able to attend though I know that members, and staff at Woodlane, who could attend had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the prizes were well received.  The raffle raised an incredible £45.00 which will go towards our charities that have yet to be decided.

The following evening 6 Wheelers left for the 24 hour trip to France. A report written by Adrian has been added to the end of this meeting.  A good time was had by all as usual.

Report and photos now in their own posts. Ed.

Well, gratefully, we have still been able to get out and about on our bikes and long may it continue.  There have been lots of solo rides and until Monday evening small groups with social distancing were still allowed to ride out.  It’s really nice to see the reports go up on the website so please, please continue to post any rides with pictures, or in Colin’s case You Tube links. I’m very impressed with that.   If you are not able to add a photo to your report one of the web masters will be able to do this for you.  Chris is very busy at the moment with work at the Pharmacy and doing a great job there so may not be able to assist too much at present but Margaret is making the website look great so she will be able to help. As many of you are aware we have set up a Falmouth Wheelers WhatsApp group to talk about Stuff!!!  This can be anything from how to keep occupied during self isolation, pictures of knitting, the cat, bikes and anything else to relieve the boredom to, Please can someone drop some milk off on my doorstep as I’m unable to leave the house.  If you have not been contacted, and I apologise if I haven’t done so,  and you would like to join the group please let me know and I will add you.  The weather is improving now and with the longer days approaching we will have a little longer in the daylight to get out to exercise.  (only once a day mind).

The next bit is What is Happening Next Month.  Well, I can tell you what won’t be happening.  The Audax has been cancelled and I along with everyone else can’t wait for when this does go ahead. Thanks to Phil for all of the work that he had done up until now.  The trip to Mallorca which was planned for later this month has also been cancelled and later this evening Robin will put a message on the website in regard to the trip.  We were to have Chris Painter , the guy with the cycling gloves made out of sea plastic, (the gloves that is not Chris), give a short talk at the end of this meeting but that too has been postponed and we’ll look forward to welcoming him to our meeting at a later date. I was, at one of our future meetings,  going to put together a little slide show with either the Coast to Coast ride or my last trip to France with some of the Wheelers.  You have all of this to look forward to!  Time in isolation will give me an opportunity to hone my skills at slide shows.

A.O.B – Richard 70ish has messaged me to say that he is not going to be out riding for the moment.  He feels safer on 2 feet rather than 2 wheels so is taking a bit of time out at the moment.

And on that note, keep getting on your bikes if you can, stay well and safe, do as you are told and just remember that as a Club we are here for one another.  Keep in contact with each other and please bear in mind the members that do not have online facilities or connection to WhatsApp, Facebook or all of the other rubbish that we can access.  I know that Facebook etc. can be a pain at times but at the moment it is giving a bit of light relief if you can battle through some of the news feeds. Most members will have a mobile phone so please send them a message to make sure that all is ok.  I can see that next month’s meeting will probably be the same format but lets hope that it isn’t for too much longer.  You’ll all welcome the sound of me banging on about the Carnival when we are back.




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  1. For those that used to stay at Isabelle’s in St Pol, I heard from her yesterday, they are both well and keeping busy gardening and painting.

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