BOGOF (Two for the price of one)

OGIL Ride 22nd of December 2021
Seventeen riders met at TOP and we set off for Miss Mollys. Simon had rang them to warn of our arrival and had arranged for us to have a celebratory mince pie, hoorah thanks Simon. We rode via Releath and the conversation was mainly about what we expected Santa to bring us (yes there is a Santa). Coffees and snacks ordered plus a very modest glass of Prosecco – not expecting such a vast turnout –  will know better next year. Mince pies then appeard and very nice they were too. Oh, and i must mention that whilst enjoying our break it poured with rain and i do mean poured. The usual route was taken back and fond farewells bidden as we went our various ways. How Santa gets round so quick is amazing must be magic or super charged riendeer.
The cast were Adrian, Amanda, Colin, Damien, Dave, Dean, Don Morris, Ian, Jan, Kath, Paul, Phil 1, Phil 3, Robin, Simon, Stephen and yours truly, Fred.
Mileage havn’t a clue.

Club ride Boxing day 26th December 2021
A varied crowd met at HQ at the later time of 10.00am (well it is Christmas). I was late as I had two guests with me, my son Paul and Grandson Ben. I enquired as to destination and heard Porthleven. I  looked at Paul who replied we are ok we are on our electrics. Off we went. I then realised there were only six of us heading off to Porthleven. Where the others went I have not a clue. I remember seeing Trevor, Liz , Paula and several others. We made good progress to Porthleven via Breage, Baps and Coffee was consumed and back via Penrose estate where we split as one of us did not want to go via muddy lane. The Pullen family made it back home with Ben nursing his ailing battery this was the furthest he had ever been so conserving energy was not high on his list, but he made back home.
A luverly ride on a pleasant day, Oh, and it rained whilst we were in the cafe – a familiar event.
Cast were Amanda, Ian, Robin. And the Pullen trio.
40ish miles for us.

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