And then there were two

On the first really nice day for ages – sun, wall to wall blue sky, and dry(ish) roads – eight of the 9.30 group met at Union Corner. The vote was to go to St Agnes, which changed to Perranporth as we got closer. We took the route via the Norway Inn and along the road towards Bissoe but turned right for Baldhu and Chasewater, where Sheila left us. Then Blackwater and across the Mithian Downs. We rode round the top of Perranporth to admire the view from the cliffs on the south side of the beach, before meeting Sonjia who’d gone the other way, down in the car park. It’s been a while since our group has had a ride report on the website (none of our rides have been very noteworthy!) let alone a photo, so Denise asked a couple sitting on a bench to take one of all of us; Don M, Denise, Vanessa ( who has a new e-bike and is back riding with us after an absence of several years), Paula, Jane, Sonjia and myself. Then it was over to the new Hub cafe, to give it a trial, after the Hub in Portreath has proved disappointing recently, with very slow service. But all was well here – nice coffee, good bacon butties, my salted caramel brownie was delicious, and the service was reasonably quick considering they were quite busy. Cheerful staff and sensible prices too.
Then it was divide and conquer, when the three electric bikes took the hilly route home and the four of us headed down the vally to rejoin the road at Mithian. When we got to the A30 crossing, Jane opted to go west on the main road as it was a more direct route to her home in Stithians, and Sonjia went with her. So it was just Paula and me who retraced our steps (or wheels?!) down to join the Bissoe road. A nasty, narrow, deep pothole caught me unawares and I came off my bike onto the grassy, muddy verge. No harm done except for my chain coming off and the usual messy job of getting it back on. I thought at first that my front tyre had punctured, but it hadn’t…moral, always carry wet wipes, and hitting the side of your head even on mud and grass, as I did, would be horrible without a helmet… Paula helped me get sorted out, and we carried on via Perranwell and Hangman’s Hill. Almost 38 miles for us, on a beautful January day.


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