Kath’s gone Home

Kath had suggested that there was 50% of rain today. Ah, I thought a 50% chance that the bucket in my garden would be half full of lovely rainwater when I get back, enough to wash off my bike before it is tucked up in the shed. The continual delays along Traffic Light Lane meant I was a little late arriving at Union Corner. Had Kath’s forecast put off those who normally congregate here or had they already departed for […] Read More

Join Us For A Weekend Away

                         A Weekend Away – Pastures New. We’ve been talking about doing a cycling holiday in Devon for a while now. To kick things off Julian and I have decided to cycle up to the quaint village of Idderslsiegh, just north of Okehampton on the 16th of February and to stay the Saturday and Sunday nights at the Duke of York. The cosy pub offers a tasty menu and […] Read More

Sonjia’s ankle update

Paula and I paid a visit to Sonjia this afternoon who is back home recovering after breaking her ankle in 3 places. She was in her usual high spirits though taking it nice and easy just as the Doctor ordered.

The not so dirty dozen

It being dry January there was a sizeable number of OGIL out today, though only Ian and Adrian at Union Corner, though Phil1 turned up later. Arriving at the other place I was immediately introduced to Dean3, if you count the one who can’t spell, who informed me that I was the oldest Dean he had ever met. How to win friends and influence people! However, I was pleased to see the return of Nigel, on his electric Toy bike. […] Read More

Anyone for chocolate?

The winter 10am ride is proving popular, with seven Wheelers meeting at HQ on Sunday – Sonjia, TD, Don M,  Richard, Paula, Jo and myself.  Gweek and then Trelowarren was suggested, so off we went, enjoying the dry roads, even if it was grey and quite cold.  Finding somewhere for a coffee can be difficult in January – the Boatyard Cafe at Gweek is only open on weekdays at the moment, and Trelowarren was shut tight too – no sign […] Read More

An OGILing New Year!

The OGIL year has begun ominously. It did start well as six of the usual suspects (but missing Fred, Dean and Ian) met up at the other place. We decided on Poldhu for coffee (me anticipating the best sausage baps in Cornwall). Trevor made a 5 minute appearance before setting off to see Martyn about Audax business. There was a bit of a chill breeze but the dry weather was still with us. The usual route was down to Gweek […] Read More

It’s a small world after all

The doorbell rang as I sat down to write this report and to the tune of “it’s a small world” I opened the door to a young woman and older man. She explained that they were visiting folk in this area to ask what people thought was the purpose of life. Although it was raining hard I was kind enough not to engage them in a long conversation. That was, I am sorry to admit, the extent of my Christmas […] Read More

The Bluebell Ride

Mystic Meg suggested that I used this image to accompany my report today, I don’t know why. If it was to suggest that the OGIL is leaderless, then it was clearly misplaced. The OGIL have several leaders, sometimes during the one ride, though, often, some of us take no notice. Recent new member Adrian made a return to the fold this morning and he, Phil1, Ian and myself made our way over to the other place a little late after […] Read More

Weekend Away in Lymington

I was going to see my Mum, who lives in Lymington, and knew that the forecast for  Sunday was going to be good so it seemed a shame not to be able to get out on the bike. So I used good old Social Media and contacted the Lymington Tuesday cycle group.  I had a lovely message back and we made arrangements to meet up at 10.00 at the Town Hall on Sunday. Paul and Mike were there when I […] Read More