What bike rack?

Ride report 1st March 2023

On a sunny Sunday morning, the OGILs cycle club set off from Union Corner for a ride to Stithians Lake. After encountering a large lorry reversing into a farmyard, the group paused briefly at ToP to decide on a new, more circuitous route through Gweek, Coverack Bridges, and Releath.

As they cycled towards Stithians Lake, the group faced a challenging headwind from Black Rock to Four Lanes, but they supported each other and persevered through the tough stretch.

Finally, after covering a distance of approximately 36km, the OGILs arrived at the cafe at Stithians Lake. However, they completely failed to notice the new bike rack and parked their bikes against the wall as usual.

Stithians bike rack
Why use a brand new bike rack when there is a handy wall to lean your bike against?

Despite this minor oversight, the group took a well-deserved break and met Trevarno Dave, a friendly local who shared fascinating stories about the area’s history and recommended great routes for future rides. With renewed energy, the OGILs set off again, braving the biting cold on their return journey towards Union Corner.

Despite the weather, the group enjoyed the scenic countryside views and the camaraderie of the group, making the ride to Stithians Lake a memorable and enjoyable day out for the OGILs cycle club.

This report was generated by ChatGPT. It is proposed that all future OGIL ride reports will be written using AI.

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