Club Kit

Coming out of lockdown and the cupboard is full of new Club Kit.

The illustrations below may not be the best or even accurate but there is plenty already being worn by club members to compare. If anything takes your fancy or you want to know more, please use this form to contact Paula. Some people have found their purchase more tight fitting that they imagined it would be so if in doubt “go large”.

If the item you want isn’t in stock you can also order direct from the supplier, via their website. User name Falmouth Wheelers; password 5735. You will have to pay postage but this may be quicker than waiting until the club puts in another order.


                           CLUB KIT STOCK LIST July 2021

PRICES: Except where individually shown.
Short sleeve summer £45.   Long sleeve summer £50.  Long sleeve winter £55 . Buffs £12.50

BUFFS Ladies pink x 5

Old stock
Long sleeve winter small 1
Short sleeve summer large 1
Long sleeve summer large 1

New Stock
Short sleeve summer jersey
1 x Small
Nil Medium
Nil Large
1 x Extra large

Old stock
short sleeve summer
1x large
long sleeve summer
1x Large
Long sleeve winter
1x Large
1x 2X Large

New stock
BUFFS Men’s blue x 4

Short sleeve summer
1x small
4x medium
3x large
4x X large

Long sleeve summer
1x small
2x medium
2x large
Long sleeve winter
1x medium
1x X large

We also have One long sleeve winter very very small £25
1 old polo shirt £15
1x ladies large waterproof jacket £50