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Audax 2017

Well done to all who completed the Audax and many thanks to those who contributed to the spread after.

There were comments after "That we only do the ride for the spread after".

"Chapeau to all the team for today's event. What a route! Stunning, as was that spread at the end. Another red letter day of Audaxing. Thanks!"  William Hancock

"Here here ! Your team show cased Cornwall at its very best. Fab organisation and a gastronomic feast to wrap up an awesome day. Many thanks."  Deb Grills

Some pictures now in the Gallery, more will be added when we get them.




Something different if you don't fancy the normal club ride.

Latest News

Apr 24, 2017, 4:53 pm

We have been asked to publicise this double End 2 End in June,  www.standingalltheway.weebly.com  Any help, company on the ride or donations are welcome.

Cast not a clout until May is out.
Apr 20, 2017, 9:15 am

This may be sound advice for the labour front bench to persuade them of the merit of a ceasefire in their attacks on JC, or even an extract from the OGIL rulebook relating to winter attire. If the latter, then there were only a couple of OGIL out today who had headed the warning. But it was the sort of warm and sunny Wednesday you expect immediately after the Easter holidaymakers have left the County and I felt more than slightly overdressed in my windproof jacket. Going a’ la Richard 2 I left the jacket to flap in the breeze caused by an alarmingly fast first section, from Union Corner to Halvasso turn. Mr Garmin suggested that I had travelled at an average of 16.2mph, and I was still almost last arriving there. This honour fell to the M&Ms, meaning a total of 18 Wheelers set off for Perranuthno. The usual miscreants were joined by the Culdrose kids and Paul 2, on his second trip out with the FW. It was the usual route out, down the spine to Goldsithny, and even though the speed dropped down to a more reasonable 12.5 mph, we were soon at the Cabin. Though the £4 a day car park was, not surprisingly, relatively empty, the café was busy and the arrival of another 18 did not improve the speed of service. Nor did the apparent inability of some to remember what they had ordered until the waitress had walked around the garden three or four times. On my table the conversation was mostly between Admiral and Bernie about a couple of Tossers at the sailing club, interspersed with tales of cars I have loved and cherished. The most interesting moment was the young boy practising his balance bike skills who eventually discovered that putting his feet down was a better way of stopping than running into the wall and causing his future potential to come into sudden contact with the crossbar; an act that not quite brought tears to the eyes but definitely needed some “hands on” self examination of the offended parts  “Why is everyone laughing at me?” he asked his granddad. “It’s not that it was even funny”.

There was a brief discussion regarding the return route, with Hayle being mentioned as an alternative to Breage or Porthleven. Three, who won’t be mentioned by name, mainly because I can’t remember who they were, clearly thought that Hayle was more than enough and left us to brave the main road back. For the rest it was a retrace to Goldsithny and, ignoring the right hand turn we had come out of an hour before, continued on towards Hayle, but taking a side road down to St Erth as an extra loop. Here John decided to sit on the kerbside to await the stragglers but his failure to unclip from his pedals lessened the impact he had on the general public onlookers, if not on the kerb itself.

The ride up along Copperhouse Pool is always delightful after which it was up to Connor Downs and right turn, to Carnhell Green, then left to Baripper. I heard Helston Trevor telling Paul 2 about his long distance cycling exploits, and when we got to Ramsgate, clearly in awe of being in the mere presence of such a sporting legend, Paul attempted to kneel at his feet. Again, removing his feet from the cleats would have improved the gesture.

After Nine maidens, wheelers started to disperse, Trevor to return to Helston, Simon to sort out the creak from the region of his bottom bracket.                                              

It was just Phil1, Admiral and myself that returned to Union Corner and at 51 miles, for me, a reasonable warm up for Sunday’s Audax.


He says tomato.
Apr 12, 2017, 9:55 pm

I was going to use the title “it’s late”, keeping with the song lyric theme and reflecting on the fact that I didn’t get up until 8.15, but read on.

There was quite a large gathering at the other place when I arrived, and I wasn’t the last, the M&Ms appearing around the last bend just as we set off, for the Truro water gardens, aka, the award winning Penrose Kitchen. It seemed that Bernie and Fred had negotiated a joint leadership pact, Bernie taking us, via Greek church, Burncoose and Chacewater, to Penstraze and Truro International Airport. TD didn’t get this far, turning back at Sunny Corner, leaving 11 of us, led by Fred, on what turned out to be quite a short route to the café stop.

The café is very popular and although there were only a few customers in most of the tables were reserved for lunch. In true OGIL fashion we managed to sit all 11 around a table meant for six. Big appetites meant that the balancing of available space with cups and plates became a challenge, especially with an abundance of “full English” amongst the orders. For Mike2 there was also a shortage of internal space and he eventually shared his surplus breakfast items around the table. There were plenty of takers and half a tomato was again divided, with an equal portion of toast, between M and M.

Although it was a two coffee stop Mr Garmin suggested it was only 45 minutes before we were back on the road. I had thought we would continue up into Shortlanesend and down the main road to Truro but Fred, or was it Bernie, had other ideas. Even Mr Garmin was unsure whether it was “new roads” as there are so many little lanes that weave along either side of the Kenwyn River as it makes its way through that valley on its way to join the River Allen and become the Truro River, but there were certainly two and a half fords I had never cycled through before. Eventually we came out at the park and ride and then it was across to Tomperrow and along down past Wheal Jane. There was some dissent about the assent of Genna Lane but we stuck together and it wasn’t until we got to Frogpool, and our Chairman departed, that the major deviations started. Some went this away, some went that away but converging paths again at Stithians where we met up with Sonjia taking the VOGIL out for a morning wobble to Miss Mollys. At this point I gave up trying to note who turned off and where but I do remember that at Longdowns some went left and then right and some went right and then left, not meeting up again until we were back at Halvasso turn. Finally it was just Richard (VOGIL) and yours truly that got back to Union Corner. 45 miles for me. Dean

Other parts taken by Phil3, Keith, Andrew and John, with guest appearance by Don M and £5Jim.

The Man in Black
Apr 10, 2017, 10:30 am

We were minus Dean on Wednesday who was sitting in the shade in Malaga so it was Bernie, Phil C, Myself and John, who has returned from Down Under to get ready for the French Trip, meeting at Union Corner.  Waiting at Halvaso Halt were Fred, Phil 3, Keith, Mike (Al) Dave (new rider, welcome Dave) and Ian.    There was a small discussion over the colour of Ian’s cycling top and away we went to my suggestion of the new café in Portreath, The Hub’. 

We went up to the top of Halvaso, took a left and then right toward Carmenellis, left over the hill, right and quick left, left again and then right to Bolenowe.  From here I am not exactly sure where we went.  I know at some stage Fred said ‘we should had turned left there’ as we went straight on following the others and then as we went past Tehidy we lost 3 but we all met up a short while later at Portreath.

The weather was sunny with a breeze but nice enough to take advantage of the outside seating at the café.  There is though plenty of indoor seating at The Hub too.

Its more of a coffee and cake café and wonderful cake it was too.  I had Pistachio and Carrot cake which was delicious and a very generous portion.  They had only opened a few days earlier and are still tweeking their menu to their customers and we were informed that they will be offering Scrambled eggs and Avocado on toast in the future, Yum!!!

We wish them luck in their new venture of Bike Hire and café which all looked good with some very nice bikes to hire.

We returned via the Bissoe Trail to Roddas and then took the usual route home with various splits along the way.

A very nice Wednesday ride as usual and I think about 40 miles for me.



Sunday 9th April 2017 Long Ride Report
Apr 9, 2017, 10:11 pm

Riding in I thought as it was a nice day I would join the guys on the long ride. As no destination was on web site I thought it would be nice to go to Indian Queens via Ladock Valley.

I ascertained from the other riders that they were heading off to Miss Molly’s. We left first as there is some confusion if we do it the other way round. I suggested to Paul a new member (I know he hasn’t paid his subs yet Sonjia but he will gladly) he might like to join us so seven set off towards Truro. The usual route Truro hill, suicide alley, Playing place to Truro and thus on-to Tresillian.

At Ladock Phil 4 had to turn back as he promised his family he would be home by 12.00 o’clock.

Sad farewells were exchanged “or something like that” and we continued to Indian Queens. Here we turned up towards St Dennis at this point I did begin to question my sanity as the legs began to show signs of indolence and kept suggesting that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea, but the good fairy spoke and said you can do it while the bad fairy kept niggling away you cant do tis you silly old ??????. The good Fairy won so next time we are up that way there is the remains of one real mean old bad Fairy. Through St Dennis up towards Whitemoor, Coldvreat then down to Wheal Martyn  China Clay Museum for a well earned Coffee and nibbles stop for some a full English and why not.

After a short to medium break we decided on a route home via London Apprentice, Sticker, He was water, Tregony, Ruan Lanhorne to Phileigh wher we enjoyed a thirst quenching sports drink. We the hastily made a way to catch the King Harry Ferry and so at last reaching home.

Thanks to Ian, Robin, Ben, Jim and Paul for their company

A mere 67 miles for me


Miss Molly's Sunday 9th April
Apr 9, 2017, 10:08 pm

After the 'A Team' left HQ, in a St Austellish direction, we were left with a rather larger than normal group, including a new lady rider, Becky.   I suggested Miss Mollys, and several of the OGILS said "we went there last Wednesday" as Dean is away and no report beinģ posted, how are we to know. So we still went to Miss Mollys, as it was mentioned last week that some had never been there. The group splitting into two along the way, and three riders left our group, Jo heading home to go paddle boarding, and Richard and Liz heading to Stithians? The rest of us took the usual route via Bolenowe, passing a field with a big mummy pig and lots of little piglets, how cute were they. Phil S took the opportunity to do a quick head count, and decided we were eleven and a half, we looked puzzled, then he said Margaret on rear of tandem was the half. We soon arrived at Miss Mollys, surprisingly we were the first cyclists to arrive!  We filled the long table and placed orders, then the rest of the cyclists came in, they had included the Troon loop in as well to get extra miles in. We had plenty of time to chat, firstly, about the small amount of cake we had left at Sithney last week, when the long riders popped in on their way back from Marazion, not much left, how many coffee stops do they have?  Then the problems  suffered by a long distance cyclist (Martyn), thanks Margaret, who was wearing cycling related earrings,  I may wear mine next week.

The  huge breakfasts arrived and were devoured.  Sylvia had time for a quick look around the showrooms, and was particularly interested in the collection of wooden elephants in a tartan suitcase! Time to leave..

Martyn and Margaret led a group, including Raymond, Trevor, John and Andrew, further afield to Gwithian, and the rest of us headed home, via the cycle route and then up to Four Lanes, where we encountered a tractor rally heading the other way, many amazing vintage models were being chased by the more modern ones.  We pulled in to watch them go by and the fleet of cars that had built up behind them!! A quick run through Stithians and the usual route back for us. A good ride, good food, good company.  30ish miles

Evening ride to The Seven Stars 
Apr 7, 2017, 9:52 am

A lovely sunny evening brought out a good number for the ride to The Seven Stars,  any of you reading this report, who werent on the ride couldnt even begin to guess which Seven Stars we were heading for. For a start we went down through Budock, hey I thought the Trelowarren ride was next week. We passed through Budock onto the Mawnan road, then out to Argal crossroads, up Halvasso, to Longdowns, perhaps Stithians Seven Stars, No. We went down Llama lane, passed the quarry, Victor and me had thought about taking a short cut, but were persuaded to keep with the group, and were rewarded  with the stunning flight of a barn owl crossing our path then gliding along next to us in the field.  So we eventually arrived at Ponsanooth, (the Stag Hunt is in a couple of weeks), down Frog Hill, which was very rough, definitely resurfacing needed here. At the bottom we were at Perranarworthal, crossing over to begin a long climb up Hangman's Hill, at last we seemed to be heading to where I thought we were going. Into Mylor, not sure when The Lemon is due for a visit, soon I hope, but not tonight!  I saw a sign saying Flushing 1 mile, yes nearly there, mostly uphill. Arriving at the Seven Stars, still in sunshine, bikes stowed, beer and crisps purchased, pleasantly surprised to see Kath and Amanda, not in lycra, Kath had driven Amanda over to show us her injuries after her nasty fall on last weeks OGIL ride.  Chris's dinner arrived and soon disappeared. After the usual banter, we all started to leave in small groups, we left just as the sun went down, which was quite challenging for me, especially up hill and now very hungry. At last we were back to civilisation,  well, street lighting anyway, , up through Penryn for us and home.  A slightly longer ride than I thought we would do, 23 miles.

Riders, Jim, Chris, Ian, Richard, Helston Trevor, NZ Dave, Peter, Neil T, Devoran Steve, Robin, Victor and me. 


LEJOG for Send a Cow
Apr 4, 2017, 6:51 pm

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Andrew Cobner. I’m a new member to the Falmouth Wheelers and I joined for a special reason.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the British Cattle Veterinary Association and it’s my privilege to be the president of the association this year.

One of our plans for the year is to raise money for the charity Send A Cow (www.sendacow.org) which organises the sending of livestock to poor regions of Africa and runs educational programmes to develop their stockmanship skills. We are hoping to link this to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of BCVA by doing a fund raising event getting as many vets and their friends joining in with a cycling relay from Lands End to John O’Groats. Two of us are cycling the whole way and I’m one of them. The only snag with this plan was that prior to last November the furthest I’d ever cycled was 5 miles and that was nearly 40 years ago!

I’ve had tremendous support from the wheelers and have gradually built up my fitness and hopefully should be ready for the start - we’re aiming to leave Lands End on 7th May arriving at John O’Groats on 20th May. If any of you would like to join us for a section of the first day it’s being run as a fairly open event so you’re more than welcome. 

If any of you would like to sponsor the event you can do so through the following web-site: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/BCVASendACowTheAndrewMadelHerd

Alternatively you can text BCVA50 £…… to 70070 – the dots can be replaced by any number you like!

Many thanks to everyone at the wheelers I have been made to feel very welcome. 

Sunday Ride 2nd April 2017
Apr 4, 2017, 6:43 pm

There was a good number of cyclists assembled at H.Q. and the numbers split into 2 rides. The long ride set off for Marazion and the other 14 left for Auntie Jills.  She has now re-opened for the season. We were accompanied by hopefully a new member named Paul from Treboe on the Lizard.

Richard 74 and Clare left us at Carnkie to make their way to Stithians Café as Clare is suffering from a dropped knee cap (sounds painfull) the remaining 12 of us was reduced to 11 at Releath where David (Admiral) left to make his own way as he only had a pass till 1.00 o’clock!  if late he would have all his privileges removed and be grounded for the foreseeable future.

At Godolphin cross having been chatting and not really paying much attention to where we were going I announced I thought we were going to Auntie Jills at Sithney. We are said Silvia,” who had done a wonderful job leading us”, but as it was a nice day I thought we could go via Porthleven! It was agreed unanimously so off we went to Ashton and a luverly ride down to Porthleven then up-to Sithney.

The remaining 11 of us arrived at Auntie Jill’s and she made us all very welcome as she does and was trying to provide for everyone’s needs as she does. It was noticed how low she on cake but as she had just had a large crowd of cyclists in, from we think Crowlas enough said because we all know how hungry cyclists are! But all was well and everyone was fed and watered.

  Incidents on route were Victors back light fell off Hoorah!!! it has been rattling for the last 3 years, and then Mike demonstrated his skill with an allen key tightening up his bottle cage before it fell off.

Back through Truthall halt etc to Crane Garage where Victor and Caroline made their way down through Mabe leaving Silvia, NZ Dave, Phil 3, Mike 1, Electric Pete, Andrew, Richard 1 (doing well after his return) Paul (new guy) and yours truly to return via Halvasso. Andrew carried on toward the Lizard as he needs to build up his miles for his Le-jog.

A great ride with good company and glorious weather

40 miles for me 

Another OGIL ride report
Mar 23, 2017, 2:02 pm

Today I broke Fred’s cardinal rule of no shorts before 1 April, but it is officially Spring and it felt quite hot, when I was in home, so, shorts it was; but with my long socks only the knees were exposed. Not enough bare flesh to scare small boys and horses, of which there were quite a few navigated around on todays ride to Porthtowan. I was surprised to see Amanda at Union Corner, although she has been seen out cycling on several Wednesday’s. Today, with Sonjia also turning up, she clearly felt ready to join the big boys, and me, on the OGIL ride. As she said, “going out with the OGIL is an experience”. Kath made the number of those who consider themselves to be female as three. With 11 men it made the odds about even. The total included two we had not seen for some time, Ian, on his single speed, and TD.

Most of you will know the route to Porthtowan; Greek Church, Burncoose, United Mines, Blackwater and Mount Hawke. Pity you were not with us as we strayed off course, IMO, going out almost to St Agnes before turning back to Towan Cross and dropping down Atlantic Way into the village. There were a few spots of rain along the way and so we plumped for inside seating at the café. I must try to remember what the café is called but it’s our usual stop. For once in my life I seem to be a trendsetter as when I first joined the OGIL group café stops usually were met with a chorus of “bacon baps”, but today there were at least 3 other orders of eggs on toast, an item that is off menu. And good they were. Mike2 went for the big breakfast but his eyes were obviously bigger than his appetite and he was soon in sharing mode. The café was quite full, and the service, as a result, was not as fast as one might wish, but the wheelers seemed to be in good and boisterous spirits.

There was no dissent as to the route back; straight up the valley to Scorrier, then around the back of Mount Ambrose and over to Lanner. Simon turned off shortly after and then Bernie and Ian and Sonjia taking the main road from Crane Garage. Fred, it seems, had received a phone call from Carol and disappeared into the dust as he raced off to get the car to collect her from hospital. That just left ten, five of which, Amanda, Mike2, Andrew, TD and Phil3, we bade farewell to at Argal Cross roads, leaving Phil1, Mike, Kath and myself to return to Falmouth. 42 miles for me.


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