More Wheelers than you shake a stick at.

It’s been a busy week so have only just been able to sit down and make up, put together this week’s OGIL report; so, if I miss anyone out or am short on detail, you’ll understand. Fortunately Mr Garmin was fully recharged so could remind me just where we went; The Atlantic at Portreath, and how we got there, and back, but not the names of those involved. Which is a pity, as one way or another this week could have been the biggest number of Wednesday morning Wheelers, since, well, since Mr Gunner was a lad. Notice I didn’t use the expression OGIL, Wednesday’s gathering was way beyond this simple categorisation.

Ian had brought his carer/neighbour along, Franky (apologies if spelt wrong), and, together with Amanda, he brought the average age down well below the OGIL qualification mark, and increased the average speed well above it. Simon, Keith, Phil3 and Mike2 joined us at Halvasso Parkway and a suggestion of Portreath was duly considered and accepted. As a slight deviation to the route out, via Bolenowe and Troon, we missed out the outskirts of Camborne, and took in Kehelland before Coombe and the now regular trip along the North Coast. It was a bit muddy in places but Mr Garmin was pleased to add a new road to his list.

Cosily seated around the same table as our last visit, but ensuring that we did not touch hips, we ordered and partook of our well-deserved refreshments. We were surprised when Sonjia and her cohorts arrived; five of them that included Jane and Dom M, but learnt that Amanda, who had turned back early had met up with them on the way out. But we were more than surprised when the third band of Wheelers descended on the café. Big Bob, on two wheels, and Mr Gunner, were both non battery assisted and were being looked after by Barbara and Mr & Mrs Red Leader. Trevor did say I might end up with a broken nose if I included him in the report but for some reason out of the total of 20 his name wasn’t the one I have forgotten.

It was a longer than usual stop but Simon realised he was supposed to be elsewhere and rushed off. He had been entertaining a couple of us with tales of his Court experiences so it was surprising that, after recounting the story of the murderer who was caught because he later stole a sandwich, he rushed off with out paying for his full English. Visiting times will be posted when known.

The ride back was without incident, other than the number of traffic lights encountered through Redruth, and we eventually turned off and went our separate ways; just Mike and myself returning to Falmouth. Weather-wise a bonus day and 43 and a bit too fast
miles for me. Dean

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