Wednesday Jan 3, Forecast : Gales and heavy showers…..yup, that’ll do!

Not put off by fallen branches blocking the road and the prospect of a bit of light cranial damage, 6 stalwart Wheelers met up and after a brief deliberation set off for Helston boating lake via Tre-lowarren and Cury, Phil C on point, followed by Phil S, Mike, Keith, Dave and Paul.

Conversation was light and the concentration heavy, nothing to do with the company but all down to the 50 mph winds. All credit to those pros in the peloton when there’s a cross wind, it took all our efforts not to end up in a chatty heap of clip ons and lycra!

Normal levels of chat were restored once inside the cafe. Phil C recounted his travels in New Zea-land several years ago, including some off-roading in a hire car, which apparently didn’t go down too well with Avis! Mike Capone, of Chicago gangster fame, told us of his recent trip to the Canary islands, where he met up with a distant Italian relative in Tenerife (name of Don Corleone I be-lieve!) and a bit of business was conducted, allegedly concerning a shipment of heavyweight over-coats!

Phil S was also conducting business. Having discussed the relative merits of DIY versus bike shop maintenance, Phil listed his recently acquired specialist tools and I believe is trying to recoup his outlay by starting a “Rent a Spanner” website, do I get commission for this promotion Phil?

Meanwhile, Keith was entertaining the ducks and swans on the boating lake, with his cycle helmet, which pleased all parties as it floated, not unlike a model boat really! I told you it was windy, O how we laughed!

Keeping note of this hyper-activity was Dave, not a regular OGIL rider and I guess never will be after today!

Nothing exceptional to report on the way home, just the usual scatter.

40 miles for me.


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