Hail Seizure

Wednesdays ride was a real pleasure, apart from the gale force wind, and the hail storm that is, but the former quietened down by the time we got to Miss Molly’s and we went through the latter just after Crane garage, so no too bad. However, it was probably the weather forecast that put off some of the regulars; at seven only half of the previous weeks compliment. Kiwi Dave, having a day off from planting out the spring bedding, and Phil1 were waiting at Union Corner and Phil3, Mike2, Raymondo and Paul were loitering at the other place. With no dissent over the destination we were soon on our way again. Miss Molly’s allows a certain amount of variation in route depending on the weather but once we had battled through the needle pricking hail storm the sun made a valiant effort to brighten our outlook on life. At times it was almost warm, so a middling route was chosen; Bolenowe, Troon, Barripper, Penponds, Roseworthy and Roskear. Dropping down into Bolenowe Phil3 suffered a minor mechanical; his chain tied itself into knots and jammed the mech, but this was soon sorted. The café was quieter than usual and the window table was just the right size. It was warm, comfortable, the food was good, as usual, and like the waitress, everything was “beautiful”. In such circumstances wheelers are tempted to discuss future cycling aspirations, and Wednesday was no exception. Trevor should be looking forward to a record entry for the 200K audax this year. Finally, when Phil3 scraped up the very last of his hearty mega breakfast, we were on our way again and the weather held off until we got home. 37 miles for me. Dean

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