Long Ride Sunday 11th February

The forecast was as reliable as ever with suggestion of freezing temperatures, hail, snow, sleet and of course strong winds so it was a poor turn at H.Q. The Lizard was to be our destination so immediately Dean announced he was off to Helston boating lake to feed the ducks! The R.S.P.B. would be proud of him. So that left six intrepid or is it insipid riders to make their way. At Brill we were met by Trevor who had gone to call for Shane who wanted to do the 10.00 o’clock ride! But to Trevor surprise he wasn’t there. So now the magnificent seven rode onwards. It was pleasant through Trelowarren estate we survived the rest. The Lizard appeared to be very much closed when we arrived so we continued down to the very end café and as usual Pete was open for business and very busy all the window seats were occupied by people who looked as if they had been nursing their cups of coffee for some time just to enjoy the view. We settled for a table on the mezzanine floor and awaited to be served. Eggs on toast and full breakfasts were the order of the day except for Jim who settled for Carrot Cake.

We then had the joy of making our way home via Helston the joy of cycling into a freezing North west wind has to be experienced we even had a delightful hail storm just to add a bit of spice. Trevor and Robin left us at Helston to check out a possible Wednesday evening venue.

Jim went his own way probably in search of more carrots so 4 of us ended up back at Halvasso request stop. The usual emotional farewell ceremony took place & I made my way home.

Thanks to a supporting cast of Amanda, Phil 2, Phil 3, Trevor, Robin and Jim.

About 53ish not as cold as expected miles

P.S. Don’t forget next Sunday is Pathfinder leaving from St Column (Major) car park at 10.00 a.m.


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