The OGIL do not usually go to Poldhu in the middle of winter

Mystic Meg suggested a warm sunny morning with a shower about 1pm. An ideal time for our annual trip to the café at Loe Beach, and I sent out a not so subliminal message, through facebook. Kath rather liked the idea of a shower at 1pm but did not fancy sharing it with the rest of us, so a debate ensued at the other place. Perranuthnoe was suggested, and dismissed, although Poldhu was accepted, mainly because it as too cold to stand about arguing, although Kath “suggested” that we went “the quick way”. It was a phrase that dictated the whole ride. Kath, Phils 1 and 2, and myself had started at Union Corner and Phil3, Mike2 and Paul met us at Halvasso and Kath kept us on our toes throughout. No waiting about at Gweek, or Garras, and straight on after leaving the Trelowarren estate, towards Cury; the intention being to continue through to Crosslanes and down the hill past the Golf Club. However, at the Wheel it was only 10 o’clock and we were nearly at Poldhu. Quick change of plan; turn left but bear off right, down to Mullion and pick up the usual route. For those that don’t know, the “bear off right” bit is a little upsy-downsy, but we were still at Poldhu for 10:30. It was to be a day for breaking rules, so we sat inside. One rule I have is not to write Sunday ride reports and, as the conversation mainly centered on last Sunday’s excellent Audax rides, I shall pass on. The signs that it was about to start raining, unusually, brought everyone to their feet, and out of the door. There were no calls for second coffees, no discussions about someone’s tyres, brakes, saddle, etc, we were off, up the hill, and at 10:55 we should not, by rights, have even arrived. The ride back continued in a similar manner, straight through to Helston, no stop, muddy lanes, no mud, and with only the briefest of farewells to Paul at Rettana. Even so we were obviously too slow for Phil 2, who wanted to push on, and did so. Kath, probably, was in the shower a tad after 1 and it was a tad under 40 miles for me. Dean

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