Ian would like me to remind you that he is organising Sunday’s Pathfinder ride.

“Who’s Lao Tzu?” asked Paul, pointing to a “saying” chalked on the wall above the counter. “Talks a load of b*****ks, who ever he is”, he concluded before I could ask Mystic Meg. Seems he was an ancient philosopher who founded Taoism; you know, “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step, etc.”. We were at the Beach Café in Porthtowan and our journey had started at Union Corner, as usual, but a little late as we waited for Jan to turn up. Kath had messaged to say that she had better things to do but Jan would be with us. Of course, Jan was waiting, at the other place, with Phil3 and Paul, but at least they had made use of their time, on deciding a destination, Porthtowan. Ian, in practice for his Pathfinder Ride this coming Sunday, took charge; out via Greek Church, Stithians, Burncoose, Pulla Cross (to see if Simon was really poorly or not), Cusgarne, Chacewater and Mount Hawke. Just after Cusgarne there is a sneaky left hand turn that takes you up what appears to be a tidy hill, and I have often suggested giving it a try. Today, Ian, who was showing off as he had a bike with gears, took the turn, and we gamely followed. At the top you have the option of another left and up towards Mt Wellington and a spot from where you can see Lance’s house, or right, back down to the lower road. We turned right. In Mount Hawke it was another right turn that took us down, passed the Old School, and up, again, to the St Agnes to Porthtowan coast road.

The café was quiet, the ladies walking club had not arrived. Orders taken we sat around a large table in the window, Phil1 and John being the others I have not yet mentioned. Conversation was mainly about technology but Ian did try to steer us around to the fact that he was organising the Pathfinder this coming Sunday. Unfortunately we all seem to have thought up excuses in advance, so if there is anyone reading this, you had better go along or Ian says that he will be very upset and will never organise another one again, ever.

When it was time to depart Jan said that she might “peal off” somewhere along the way. I thought this meant that she would be going by another route but half way up the hill to Navvy Pit, she came to a stop and gracefully keeled over, bike and all. “She must be practicing the Ironman transition”, I thought.

The rest of the journey, up to Scorrier and across to lanner went without incident, numbers reducing as folk turned for home. 42 miles for me. Dean

ps. I have started to populate the “Cafes” topic on the Forum, please join me in contributing with your own views or reviews.

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