An OGIL Birthday Ride

The rumour that Phil3 was buying the drinks even brought the M&Ms out of retirement this morning, though it was only tea and coffee on offer at the Poldhu Beach. Numbers gathering to celebrate Phil’s birthday varied as to who was doing the counting and whether it was bikes or riders. Adding to the confusion, Simon left early and Jan arrived late. I made it a total of 14 riders; Phil1, Ian, Richard2 and myself starting from Union Corner and Simon, Phil3, Keith, Mark, Mike2, Andrew and Fred waiting at the other place; the M&Ms arriving just before we set off, a pattern that was to develop during the ride; and Jan, having been texted with the destination, via Trelowaren, meeting us on the beach. Congratulations to Jan completing her Ironman in Bolton at the weekend and qualifying for the World Championships later in the year. She deserved her lie in this morning.

There was much talk about Sunday’s pathfinder and Phil’s great age and he was given a vociferous rendition of “Happy Birthday”, by all assembled, including the class of school children from Mullion Primary School who had previously been enjoying their outing to the beach and an ice cream.

After climbing the hill to the golf course it was then straight back to Helston, muddy lanes and then down to Poldark, for a quick cuddle with Demelza, across to Porkellis and up to Carnkie. The chippings have bedded in nicely now but still caused some to complain. With folk pealing off along the way there were just Phil1, Richard2 and myself returning to Union Corner. 45 miles for me. Dean

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