Ride London 2018

Just on the way home from doing the London ride..100 wet and windy miles..it didn’t stop raining until we reached Buckingham palace! An amazing experience though; closed roads and flat cycling as even the hills were nothing like Cornish hills! Took me longer than expected as there were two major incidents; one on Leith hill, cardiac arrest; and amother on Box hill , crash coming down in front of me; so hold ups for ambulances etc! They then closed both hills so all the later riders merged after Box hill causing massive congestion in parts. So took me longer than hoped with the delays, at 8 hours approx!! Great event and medal ..never thought we’d be suffering from mild hypothermia as opposed to heat exhaustion!!! The worst part was the getting home after the event! Had enough of stuffy tubes..get me home to the Cornish beaches!



Unfortunately the man who suffered a heart attack, 69 year old Nigel Buchan-Swanson, died. Nigel’s wife described him as an experienced cyclist who died doing something he loved. He was fundraising for Macmillan cancer support.

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  1. Well done Paula!! we were thinking of you, as Richard and I did the 46, also soaked through and suffering from frozen hands – at least I was; who’d have thought it, after all that hot weather! We passed at least three accidents on the route; nothing too serious as far as I could see, but the very wet roads, and excessive speed and very close passing by some of the riders, made for a rather nerve-racking day. Finishing safely was top priority. Having hoped to improve on my time from last year, I was about ten minutes slower because of the conditions. Riding through traffic – free London is an amazing experience, and the organisation is truly fantastic, but I too am so happy to return to Cornwall ! Liz

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