Turned out nice again.

Another fine day, I can’t help but think we are going to pay for it later. Common sense said that it would not be warm enough for shorts in mid October. I decided on tights under shorts; I was too warm. Sheila joined Kath, Phil1 and myself at Union Corner and as soon as Ian arrived we were off, to meet with Phil3, Mike2 and virgin OGILler, John. John is from somewhere the other side of the border, can’t quite place the accent. Phil and I had been the only two Wheelers that turned up on Sunday and we had gone to Portreath, but were willing to go there again. However, Porthtowan was suggested and Ian led us off on what proved to be a very interesting route. Halvasso, of course, but right at Longdowns, Stithians, via Bernie’s, right at the church then left along a very pleasant lane to Trethelan Water. Kath got a little behind here, no this wasn’t a transplant, having stopped to blow her nose and blown so hard her rear light fell off- well that’s the story I got. Ian, always the gentleman, went back to round her up and all was well. Back on usual route we crossed the Redruth road at Burncoose , but then took a left for a change, to Gwennap, through to Sunny Corner and United Mines and down to Tripletts. Then it was another left, up to Killifreth Mine and across to Wheal Busy before rejoining Station road part way between Chacewater and Blackwater. Despite being on his single speed, Ian still turned right in Mount Hawke, taking in the dip and climb before the long drop into Porthtowan.

There was some discussion as to whether it was warm enough to sit outside, but this time we didn’t. The most memorable point about the food is the toast, thick and wholesome, as was the conversation, which mostly was enthusiastic talk of next Sunday’s Audax and who would be cycling over. Phil1 will be leaving Crane garage at 8am for those who wish to join him.

The route back was straightforward, up the valley and across to Redruth-Lanner Hill and around by Stithians reservoir. The water level looks dangerously low but is still 37% full. Sheila and Kath had almost run out of things to say so were not trailing so far behind. As we stopped at Argal Crossroads, to say farewell to Mike and Phil, along came Liz and Barbara, homewards from a trip to Miss Molly’s. 42 miles for me.

ps. Fred wasn’t with us, he had a cough.


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