I turned up once again for the 9.30 slightly later than OGIL Ride: Wednesday mornings are not usually when I can be out on the bike. The usual suspects were at Union Corner and where we were going was agreed – Smokey Joe’s on the old A30 between Scorrier and Blackwater.

We set off on the usual route through Lamanva and up to Halvasso and then past Crane Garage to the top of the first Carnkie. It was right here to pass the very much dried up Stithians Lake before a pause to catch up in Penmarth where we observed Wendy’s ‘phone box – many of those that have survived are in private hands and preserved. This one is an example of those designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who was responsible for Battersea Power Station and Liverpool’s magnificent Anglican Cathedral – one of these ‘phone boxes is actually in the cathedral!

We headed up past Carnmellis to cross the Redruth to Helston Road near Four Lanes, where we had another brief stop to admire Liz’s favourite black piglets. It is surprising what you can see and learn on a Wheelers’ ride! In Pencoys just before Longdowns we took a left for Grillis and then down into the second Carnkie – are there any more Carnkies? After this we made the long and winding descent to pass Redruth’s parish church – note the contrasting architecture – at St Euny Churchtown, and then down again into Redruth and under the viaduct. After a few too many traffic light hold-ups we headed up past Redruth Station where there was the noisy arrival of one of GWR’s new Hitachi trains – enough said about those things!

We passed over Mt Ambrose, detouring to avoid the roundabout, and ended p as planned at Smokey Joe’s. I recalled my last visit there in the late 60s; probably in my Austin Westminster – different days! We all ordered a variety of things – fry-ups, cake and puddings. The food was very nice and good service, BUT, mine was rather expensive: Crumble and custard with mediocre coffee at £6,90. We’re not talking about a gourmet establishment here, but a transport café or pull-up for carmen – some would even derogatorily say ‘greasy spoon’!

On leaving we split up: some doing their own thing and the remainder heading back via Blackwater, Chacewater, Bissoe and Frogpool and elsewhere to their various homes. Again a nice day out in good weather with the usual good company. R753

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