Portreath Politics

The first OGIL ride of the autumn took place on a beautiful September day. It was a bit breezy and we had one shower to deal with but overall it was a great day. It wasn’t however without its problems. It took place on one of the most turbulent days in our recent political history and we soon found out how difficult such times can be. Our European delegate – Jan Watson – was heading off for Nice later that day to take part in the triathlon championships so we heading for the North coast so that she could get home in good time. The destination debate was no more fraught than usual and Portreath was agreed upon. We set off out through Halvasso but our political troubles soon began. A group of four (henceforward known as the Cycling Research Group – CRG) headed straight on into Carnkie. This prompted discontent in the back benches where the Remainers were resolute that a more traditional route should be followed. Most didn’t really mind but we all agreed that we didn’t want a No Route option so we pressed on regardless. Our Chair did seem occasionally confused as to where we were and how we were going to reach our destination prompting comparisons with Boris Johnson but at least we were able to reach a convivial consensus and maintain our course. We thought at one point that Ian – Independent – Murrells had left us but he was only blazing the trail ahead and before long our diverse factions arrived in a breezy Portreath. Over breakfast it was suggested that we should have a Peoples Vote to determine the route home but Dean pointed out that a view Amendments would be all that was necessary and so it proved. Another Great Day
Ian asked me to remind everyone about the upcoming Huff and Puff competition on Sunday 15th September. Meet at Stithians Watersports cafe at 9.30 am for a 10.00am start.

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