Sunday’s ride to the Lizard

With a 19% chance of rain it was looking good and so thought lots of others who gathered at 9.00 at HQ.  Porthleven was suggested but as we had been there last week and a shout for the Lizard went up, the Lizard it was. I left with the first group and we took a left out of HQ which could only mean one thing really, Maenporth Hill. It was then Port Navas and Constantine, round the back of the Church and we finally popped out just outside Gweek.  The hills had challenged me but I was glad I had gone that way.  I was also glad when we came across the group that had left a little after us as I then continued with them on a much flatter route to the Lizard.  The others went via Gear Farm and amazingly  we all arrived at the café within a few minutes of each other. There were already 2 cyclists in the café, we were 5 and then 6. The other group went down to the café overlooking the sea which was useful as we were then joined by 6 or 7 Tri Logic riders which filled the café to capacity. It was obviously a Lizard day.  Two coffees later and food consumed we started to make our way home with the others coming up the hill just as we left.  It was a straight road back to Culdrose. Tri Logic went via Poldhu as we met them at the junction, We then leap frogged our way with them to Wendron. Our usual route of muddy lane, which lived up to its name today, was chosen with Porkellis and Carnkie. One last hill to finish the day.  At the bottom of Halvaso as we said goodbye to Fred, Robin and Amanda arrived from the Gweek direction after leaving the boys in the Black Swan. A final farewell to Phil at Argal Crossroads it was back home.

50 brilliant miles for me, a good day out.

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  1. Glad you all had a good ride! The 10 o’clock ride is also proving popular, with 13 Wheelers meeting at HQ on Sunday, and led by Red Leader Trevor, we set off for Helston Boating Lake via Gweek. Paula, Tom, and Richard left us at that point, and by the time we arrived at the cafe, after doing a loop round Trelowarren, Cury and Culdrose, we were down to eight, and ready for coffee and cake. Take Note!! The cafe closed for renovation on Monday 6th, and won’t open again until January 27th, so plan to go elsewhere for the next three weeks…We headed home via the back route out of Helston, a tough climb for the four of us without electric assistance! but soon we were back on the flat and continuing to enjoy the dry roads home via the Poldark corner and Carnkie. 37 miles for me.

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