The Lonely OGIL.


I had decided to ride on my own today with the hope that a fellow Wheeler just might be riding out at the same time. Unfortunately I must have missed Colin as I also turned up at the usual time and place. As it was a glorious day I hade already decided on Poldhu.
Made my way out to Gweek and up to Garras. Not wanting to be too late back I gave Trelowarren a miss and headed up the mainroad, no as quiet as I thought it would be. A few vehicles that passed me weren’t socially isolating by giving me the 2 meters they should have.
On reaching Traboe crossroads the local constabulary had closed the road to Kugger. RTA father down had blocked the road. No choice but to turnaround and hard back to the top exit of Trelowarren. Turned left at the junction and headed to the Wheel Inn. Not wanting to miss out on Poldhu I turned left again and on towards Mullion. Poldhu was virtually deserted, cafe was closed, only a couple of surfers. A stop for something to eat, a Snickers bar bought in Mullion, and on my way again.
Usual way back to Helston and Halvasso now into a head wind.
Very quiet 42 miles no one to talk to. Hope this doesn’t last too long.

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