Sunday 16 April

Fourteen riders met at HQ and unlike previous frosty Sunday mornings the weather was warm and sunny with very little breeze. I had intended to cycle with the ladies in the slower group but they had already met at Union Corner. When Fred announced that the ride was to Perranporth, I was all set to head home and do the garden! After much encouragement and assurance from Fred that I wouldn’t be left for dead, I set off with some trepidation. We headed through Penryn and Mylor Downs then regrouped in the layby at the Norway Inn, after which we split into two smaller groups. Before our group headed off, Mike and John helped Amy with a roadside bike fit, diagnosing a seat height problem and after appropriate adjustments we headed off to Bissoe before heading North. Fred chose the ‘super’ hilly route from Truro Airfield to Perranporth so it was a bit of a disappointment when we arrived to discover the favourite café was closed. Fortunately, we found an ‘emergency’ café (greasy spoon) overlooking the beach which, thanks to Fred’s hills and we were all very grateful for. Phill did raise the café owner’s eyebrow when he ordered a vegie burger and a decaf coffee but surprisingly, they were able to deliver.
We took a lovely scenic route home, skirting the edge of St Agnes and Redruth then on to Stithians. I had a great 55-mile ride and as a novice cyclist I felt well supported and was never left behind – I guess that is what being in a club is all about. Thanks!
Christine Bloor

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