Wednesday OGIL Ride for 17 April, 2019.

The weather being fine, Andrew and I were joined at Halvasso turning by Adrian, John, Nigel, Danny (our official carer), Keith, Colin, Phil S. and Paul – not necessarily in that order – to make up a merry band of ten. Not only had Phil decided on a destination, he had actually planned a route to get us there. So off we set towards Perranuthnoe via Carnkie, Porkellis, Releath, Nacegollan, Godolphin Cross and Goldstithney. At Nacegollan we saw a sign […] Read More

Sunday Ride 21st april Easter sunday

What a beautiful day it was and a complete contrast from the week before, I made my way to H.Q. where at the bottom of Halvasso turning I met Paula, Liz, Tom and Jo heading the other way, funny I thought, but carried on. Then at Treverva I met Victor also heading the other way? have I passed through a time continuum! No I checked the time on my phone and carried on to H.Q. I was not alone all […] Read More

Ride report on Falmouth Wheelers Cornish 100 on Sunday 14th April 2019

At last I’ve ridden the club’s Audax ride! After a broken spoke at my first attempt and three years of helping Phil Conroy with the entries I woke on Sunday to a pretty miserable forecast and rain outside hoping to ride the Falmouth Audax for the first time. Trevor S had offered to take my place at the entry table for the day so that I could ride. He greeted me with a laugh and a “you picked a good […] Read More

France Uphill 2017

Day 1   1st September Alarm goes at 4am, leave house at 4.15, pick up Sonija and Victor and head for Dover with 7 bikes in the back, Fred Phil, Kath and Dave are following behind, we caught up with them just after Honiton, and after breakfast at the services near Ilminster we headed on for Dover. Spirits high and all thoughts of the adventure ahead. Arrival at the port and the first test  where to leave the hire vehicles, and […] Read More

Where are the clowns

I’m going to have to dig deep into the word jar to do two ride reports in one week. Just for info Boris Johnson gets about £50K a month for writing this sort of tosh. A combination of half term and no traffic lights along Bicklandwater road meant a clear ride through to Union Corner but Adrian and Nigel were still there before me. Raymondo had taken up station across the other side of the road for some reason best […] Read More

The lady is (is not) for turning

As you know, I do not usually write Sunday ride reports, but today’s gives me chance to add to the debate on ride leaders and whether we should keep a record of who rides, where and when. You can make your own conclusion. I was the first to arrive at HQ but soon joined by Neil and new rider, Colin. Many more arrived as the time clicked towards 9 and eventually a discussion started as to where we were going. […] Read More

Now is the Winter of our discontent.

Some would say “Cast not a clout till May is out”. Well, she is still in and with a showery forecast and a cold wind Wednesday was not going to be a day for shorts, . I hesitate to say “a Northerly wind” as it was only a Northerly wind when we were travelling northerly. As usual it was a south easterly when travelling back, but whichever way it blew, it blew cold. The pre ride WhatApp discussion had concluded […] Read More

Mad March and More

Five Falmouth Wheelers braved the winds on Sunday 10th March to ride the Exeter Wheelers’ Mad March events – Danny, Paul and our tandem crew the 100km “Mad March Excursion”, and Trevor and Raymond the 200km “Mad March, A river too far”.  We all completed, some of us nearer the cut-off than others. There’s a report of of my experience on the Audax Kernow site. These “away day” Audaxes can add a bit of variety to our riding, and it’s […] Read More

We were sixteen, going on seventy!

In spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. OGIL turn to thoughts of Poldhu. The mere suggestion was enough to bring out one of the largest number of OGIL in one place since the Edinburgh Wool Shop closing down sale. Seven at Union Corner, including last Sunday’s new rider, Martyn, plus Mat Charman out with a couple of his buddies and who accompanied us as far as the other place before going off to do their […] Read More

The short long ride report, 24 March 2019.

With a goodly group away in France I was not expecting many to be at H.Q. but I was surprised, must have been the weather and what a glorious day it was. Six of us set out for Newquay and I think about seven set off for Porthleven. In our group of six we had two new, hopefully to become, members names of Martyn and Hutch who were not sure what they were letting themselves in for but they proved […] Read More