Pathfinder ride from Gnome World, February 24th 2019 led by Martyn and Margaret

Apologies for the lateness of this report – the result of no-one volunteering (or being coerced?!) to write one, on the day itself.  From now on, an official scribe will be named at the beginning of each Pathfinder – you have been warned! Twenty Wheelers, Nineteen bikes  including five electric, met at the layby near Gnome World at Indian Queens, and we set off to cross over the main road and head south, in brilliant sunshine, along a new and […] Read More

A good ride report is worth waiting for ….

but here’s one of mine while you are waiting. Liz told me that she didn’t write ride reports unless something interesting had happened on the ride. Lots happened on last weeks OGIL ride but whether you find it interesting or not I leave to you. True, Kath hadn’t reported in with another of her hilarious excuses, we didn’t have to divert via Crane Garage to meet up with Jan, Simon had gone missing, again, and we were denied the subtle […] Read More

Falmouth Wheelers AGM – Notice of Meeting

The meeting will be held on February 28th, at 8pm, at Wood Lane Social Club.The Chairperson and Treasurer will report on the past year.Voting will take place to approve last year’s minutes.Nominations for committee positions should be received by the secretary in writing by February 14th, with details of the position applied for, and names of the proposer and seconder.Any other business for the AGM should reach the secretary by February 21st, with details of what is to be discussed. […] Read More

Once upon a time, long, long ago

Promises of a mild week brought forth thoughts of Spring and a visit to the Cabin at Perranuthnoe, and a sizeable turn out for the OGIL ride. Even Kath could not resist it. Simon, having now entered the world of technology, had already sent his apologies via the OGIL WhatsApp group but the majority of the regulars turned out, even if a little late. The weather wasn’t exactly as good as promised, bit like Brexit, but we made our way […] Read More

February 24th Pathfinder from Gnome World

The first pathfinder of 2019 takes off from Toldish just east of Indian Queens at 10am. Meet up in the layby on the opposite side of the road from Gnome World. Arriving by car from the A30, take the Newquay A39 runoff then immediately from the large roundabout, take the exit signed Indian Queens and Gnome World. Turn right onto the old A30 at the mini roundabout – the layby is on your right a few hundred metres further on. […] Read More

take me home country roads …

Comments have been made about the absence of an OGIL ride report and suggestions made that I couldn’t remember anything about the ride. This is complete tosh, I remember it as if it was only last week. I have been so absorbed by the depth of informed opinion coming out of Parliament this week that I have hardly had chance to do anything else. However, not to disappoint my numerous followers here I go.  I had allowed plenty of time […] Read More

Join Us For A Weekend Away

                         A Weekend Away – Pastures New. We’ve been talking about doing a cycling holiday in Devon for a while now. To kick things off Julian and I have decided to cycle up to the quaint village of Idderslsiegh, just north of Okehampton on the 16th of February and to stay the Saturday and Sunday nights at the Duke of York. The cosy pub offers a tasty menu and […] Read More

Website Changes

Hello. I have been tinkering with the website, mostly it will go un-noticed but there has been a fair bit done. Firstly I have made a new Forum it is much like the old one but a bit simpler to use. Firstly there is now only one login. I understand that many people have struggled with the two accounts needed for the website. Now you only need one. Which is the one you would use to create or comment on […] Read More